Wednesday October 22 , 2014
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Why People Change Jobs!

By Peter Sugden

close up of faceWhy do people change jobs? People have many reasons for changing jobs but underlying these are likely to be fundamental motivations for deciding to move on. Very often resigning is an end to dissatisfaction with their current circumstances but finding out exactly why someone resigned is often very difficult. People will not divulge the truth at times because they don’t want to offend a kind employer. Equally, if there have been tensions in the work place people are less likely to be open about their reasons.

To understand more fully why people become dissatisfied, look for a moment at what people really want from their work. Studies have shown that people, regardless of the type of work they do, want 3 fundamental things;

  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Feelings of being involved
  • Being appreciated for work done

Logically if people are not being satisfied in these three areas, they will become less engaged in what they do and eventually start looking elsewhere. Worst of all they may also become conduits of obstructive behaviours that will ultimately damage the business. What then are the consequences to the business of people leaving?

  • Team cohesion is potentially compromised.
  • Additional time and cost is required to recruit a suitable replacement.
  • Productivity is jeopardised.
  • Employees feel more pressure to perform.
  • Business owners feel more pressure on themselves.

As an employer, if a staff member does decide to leave there are a number of things you can do? Firstly, find the real reasons lying behind them leaving, talk to other people in the business. You may want to sit for a while and have some honest self reflection time. If they are leaving on good terms conduct an open and frank exit interview with them. Secondly, review your work practices and do not repeat mistakes. Thirdly, Change the work environment so it more reflects what people ‘want’.

When recruiting a replacement the successful candidate must tick these three key questions;

  1. Can they do the job?
  2. Will they do the job?
  3. Will they fit the culture?

People management can be a very frustrating part of any business because people, by their very nature, are unpredictable creatures. Nevertheless, they are inextricably woven into the fabric of any successful business. To spend your energies understanding and fulfilling what fundamentally motivates employees is much more attractive than dealing with the consequences of valuable people leaving.


Sports Medicine Australia

As a member of the leadership group with Netball Victoria and now Executive Officer of Sports Medicine Australia Victorian and Tasmanian Branch, I have had a long standing professional association with Peter. He has provided invaluable advice and designed practical suggestions to improve organisational HR management strategies. In one instance Peter designed and facilitated multiple sessions focused on leadership group effectiveness. More recently he has advised and assisted in the revision of a performance management system. Peter has also given ongoing guidance specific to staff performance issues.
Peter’s work demonstrates his results focused, pragmatic and hands on approach, which is all the more effective due to the importance he places on listening. His breadth of experience enables him to bring insights in ways that cut through the complexity and to produce workable solutions. I recommend Peter as someone of integrity and competence.

Lynne Sheehan
Executive Officer Sports Medicine Australia
(Victorian & Tasmanian Branch)

Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Peter Sugden has worked for the Pharmacy Guild in a consultancy role for a number of years. Peter's approach is hands-on professionalism. He has extensive experience in retail pharmacy and what makes the business work. His quiet manner helps him work closely with all staff and gains their confidence and support. Peter helped with the Quality Care Pharmacy accreditation program to enable pharmacies to be prepared for their external assessment. This has meant working productively with the owner, pharmacists and all staff. Peter has a good knowledge and approach about performance management and quality assurance. He knows this means more than just documentation. He has made presentations to groups regarding accreditation and sales of medicines, conducted mystery shopper program into pharmacies and provided immediate feedback to the pharmacy and staff. I can recommend Peter without hesitation to assist you in your business and coaching.

Robert Huddle
State Manager QCPP - Victoria
Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Australian Kung Fu Federation


“The AKWF has had a long relationship with Peter Sugden who has provided his services as a lecturer at our Accreditation Courses. His service has been engaging, informative and professional in every sense. I have no hesitation in providing this endorsement.

Walt Missingham